CBD Dosage Tips for Beginners

One of the most frequently asked questions from CBD newbies is how much they should take in order to get the effects they desire. While you may think it would be as easy as looking on the back of your CBD Product and finding a recommended dose, like on OTC or prescription medication, determining the correct dosage for you is more complex than that.

Since CBD is still a new phenomenon in the eyes of science and medicine, there aren’t really any universal guidelines yet. There are a few dosage tips that most experts do agree on though. Take a look at what they are before you get started!

Several factors are used to determine what CBD dose will work best for you.

As you’re calculating the proper dose of CBD you should be using, there are a few elements you’ll need to take into account. These include:

  • Type of CBD product: some forms of CBD work faster than others and will therefore affect you differently. Oils and tinctures, for example, work faster than topicals or edibles.
  • Desired effect: there are different recommended CBD doses for treating different conditions (anxiety, pain relief, digestive problems, etc.).
  • Your individual body: weight, metabolism, and digestion all impact how sensitive you are to CBD and therefore how much you need to feel the effects.

Be consistent about taking it.

Many people don’t start feeling the effects of CBD until it builds up in their body. If you give up too soon or keep upping your doses before you truly know how CBD is affecting you, you won’t be able to determine what dosage you really need. Before you increase your CBD dose, take the initial dose everyday for a week and notice how your mind and body feel each day.

Start low and work your way up.

When you begin your CBD regimen, use a small dose at first and then increase gradually as you learn how the substance affects you. Professionals usually recommend starting with about 10-20mg daily for the first week. If you’re not feeling the effects that you want after giving your body that time to respond, try increasing by 5mg each week until the desire effect is achieved.

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